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April 1, 2024

When spring comes in Ontario, it brings the warm weather and the glorious sunshine we’ve all been missing for months. These warm temperatures mean that all the snow will melt, and the ground is going to thaw. With melting snow and the rain that we experience in spring can create an unfortunate situation for homes to flood. A flooded basement can cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage and take months to repair. The best way to protect your home from a flood is to be proactive with prevention. Here are 6 tips for preventing flood damage in your home this spring.   

1. History Will Repeat Itself  

If your home has had leaks before, chances are it will happen again. It’s important that you repair any major cracks or holes in the foundation of your home before the thaw and rain start again.   

Repairing the areas where you previously experienced issues with flooding will help prevent it from happening again. However, you may need to do regular maintenance on the area to ensure it stays dry.   

2. Remove Debris  

Debris can build up in gutters and window wells over time, preventing water from draining away from your property efficiently. Make sure to do regular yard clean up around your home so that water doesn’t build up in these areas and cause flooding.   

3. Check Your Sump Pump  

You’ll want to make sure your sump pump works before you actually need it. Testing it regularly and making sure you have a battery backup can be really helpful. You may also want to install a back-water valve to prevent flooding and sewer backup in your basement.   

4. Start at the Top  

Water doesn’t just come into your home through the basement and around the foundation – it can come in through the roof. Take a look at damaged shingles or skylights with leaks around the seal.   

Regular inspection can help prevent water from coming through the roof and damaging your home.   

5. Direct Water Away from Your Home  

Does the water you are directing have somewhere to go? You’ll want to make sure you can direct the water away from your home’s foundation.   

You can do this by getting your yard graded, putting in downspout extensions or installing a foundation drain tile. These tools can help move water away from your home and prevent major leak damage.   

6. Get the Right Home Insurance  

As much as you may try to prevent leaks and floods from happening, sometimes they just occur, and damage happens. Therefore, it is critical that you have the right insurance so you are protected from the potential damage a flood can cause.   

Contact ICD Insurance today  

If you have concerns about the insurance on your home, contact ICD Insurance to learn about your coverage options.   

With a little preparation, you can prevent most flooding from happening and ensure you have the right coverage if it does.