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April 1, 2024

Having an ATV or snow mobile can be a lot of fun, but accidents do happen, and you want to make sure that you are completely covered for anything that comes your way when using an off-road vehicle. Insurance for your off-road vehicles works a little differently than your regular auto insurance. Here is what you need to know.  

Do you need off-road insurance? 

You may be thinking that you have vehicle insurance on your car and homeowner’s insurance on your home, so you should be completely covered for you off-road vehicles, right? Well, unfortunately no.  

If you have an off-road vehicle or you decide to take your daily vehicle off-roading, then you need off-road insurance to cover you in the event that an accident happens. In most provinces – including Ontario – it’s a law that off-road vehicles require their own insurance.  

What does off-road insurance cover? 

For the most part, this type of insurance covers the same things that regular vehicle insurance does, except that it’s specific for off-road vehicles. Off-road insurance covers bodily injury, collisions, comprehensive coverage if your vehicle is severely damaged while off-roading as well as accident coverage.  

How does off-road insurance work? 

The great thing here is that this type of insurance works very similarly to regular vehicle insurance. You will be responsible for knowing your deductible and coverage limits, and to make sure you have proof of insurance on you while you’re out and enjoying your off-road vehicle.  

If you have specific questions about how your policy works or coverage details, you will need to contact your insurance broker to find out exactly what you are and aren’t covered for.  

What is considered an off-road vehicle? 

There are only certain vehicles that qualify as an off-roading vehicle for insurance in Ontario, including  

  • Dirt bikes  
  • All-terrain vehicles  
  • Sand rails  
  • Recreational utility vehicles  
  • Golf carts 
  • Snow mobiles  

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle for off-roading, you may want to contact your insurance provider to determine if it falls under this category and if you need additional insurance for it.  
Further, some vehicles – like Jeeps – are very popular for taking off-road and may be used as someone’s daily vehicle as well. In this case, an insurance provider may require they carry additional coverage in the event something happens while you are off-road.  

Exploring Ontario may take you off-road and down a few less travelled paths. With the right insurance for your off-roading vehicles, you can enjoy the scenery without worrying about whether you are covered.  

Contact ICD Insurance today 

Do you enjoy off-road vehicles like dirt bikes, snowmobiles, or ATVs – or do you have a daily vehicle that you like to take off the beaten path? If so, it’s important to make sure that you have the protection and insurance coverage you need.  

To learn about your off-road insurance coverage options, contact us today to speak to one of our brokers.