Insurance and Safety Tips for Skilled Trades Workers Event

Insurance and Safety Tips for Skilled Trades Workers

Skilled trades workers often work in more hazardous conditions than others as they frequently use heavy tools and machinery, work from heights, and face various distractions. Because of this, these workers must be especially vigilant when it comes to the health and safety of themselves, their employees, and their bystanders and clients.

The following are a few of our top safety tips for skilled trades workers along with an explanation of why it is so important for them to have the proper insurance in place.

Safety tips for skilled trade workers

1. Get the proper safety training and certification
Each task performed in the skilled trades comes with its own set of hazards and required skills to mitigate any risks. Acquiring the proper safety training and certification for each task to be performed is key to remaining safe on the job.

2. Wear appropriate safety gear.
Always wear the recommended safety gear when performing a task. Equipment such as eyewear, hard hats, safety shoes, and harnesses can help to lower the risk of a serious injury on the job.

3. Only operate equipment that you are trained to use.
Improper use of equipment is one of the biggest causes of on the job accidents. Employees in skilled trades should have the proper training on every piece of equipment that they use.

4. Be aware of your surroundings and ensure you have the proper tools and enough room to work.
Working without the right tools or with your body in an awkward position because there isn’t enough room puts you at greater risk for injury. Before beginning a task, ensure that you have the tools that you need and enough room to perform the task. You should also be aware of your surroundings to avoid other possible risks such as open flames or flammable materials.

5. Practice awareness during routine activities.
Injuries can happen during routine activities because we practice them so often that it can be easy to go on autopilot and make a careless mistake. To avoid this, be sure to practice awareness during routine activities like climbing ladders and lifting heavy objects.

Why skilled trades workers need to get insurance:

Although most skilled trades workers are very safety conscious, accidents can and do still happen. And when they do, having the right insurance in place can help to protect these workers financially.

Personal disability insurance can protect a worker in the skilled trades from losing their income if they are not able to work for an extended period of time due to a disability.

Commercial General Liability insurance will cover the contractors legal liability in the event that one of their employees or subcontractors causes damage to property or bodily injury.  For example, if a plumber negligently failed to properly seal a pipe causing significant water damage, a commercial general liability policy would cover them in the event that a lawsuit were to arise.  

What insurance do I need?

If you are a skilled trades worker, you are likely covered under WSIB and perhaps have some additional coverage through your employer. These however may not be adequate to cover your financial needs in the event that you or another person are injured on the job.

At ICD Insurance, we can assess your insurance needs to help make sure that you have the proper coverage. Contact us today to speak with one of our brokers.