Preparing Your Home for Fall Event

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Preparing Your Home for Fall

Part of being a homeowner is the maintenance you need to do for each season and the cleanup around the house. With fall comes colder weather as we prepare for the harsh Canadian winter. There are a few easy ways you can clean up around the house and prepare for fall to help prevent any major issues with the weather, including damage to your home.

Eavestroughs and downspouts

Generally, there’s no issue with these two items in the summer. However, in the fall, eavestroughs are prime areas for collecting leaves and debris. Leaving them alone could cause them to build up a bunch of debris, which can cause significant issues with draining water away from the house. 
Without removing the buildup, it could lead to water leaks in your home and some costly repairs. Prevent this from happening and invest a little by cleaning them out now. 

Check doors and windows

You may have weather stripping or caulking around the windows and doors in your home to help keep the cold out and help you keep energy costs to a minimum. Eventually, though, this will wear down, and you may need to replace weatherstripping and caulking. By replacing this in the fall, you can decrease your heating costs over the winter because less heat will be leaking through cracks around the seals. 

Check out your roof 

No one wants to find out their roof needs to be repaired or replaced in the middle of winter, plus you do not want to worry about the water leaking through a roof that’s wearing out as the snow melts. 
Take the time now to check out your roof and fix any problem areas before they become major issues. 

Shut down the AC 

If you have a window air conditioning unit, take the time to take it out of the window and put the window back together for the winter. If you have central air conditioning, put a cover over it. For central air units, the recommendation is that you put a shorter cover over it that keeps debris out rather than a cover covering the whole unit. The reason is that these longer covers could potentially trap moisture which may negatively affect the unit. 

Turn off outside drains and faucets

Drains on the outside of your home are very helpful in the summer when you’re washing your car or watering the garden, but in the winter, they are incredibly vulnerable to freezing and cracking if not shut off completely. 
All faucets have a shut-off valve, and once you have shut the water off, you will need to open the faucet and let all the water left drain out. Taking this step will help prevent pipes from freezing and potentially bursting in the winter. 
Getting your home ready for fall may seem like it is adding many items to your to-do list, but you are helping prevent much bigger chores in the future should you need to have repairs done or make insurance claims. Doing these little jobs now to prepare your home for fall will help to make it a much happier winter. 

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