Safety Tips When Decorating Your Home For The Holidays Event

Safety Tips When Decorating Your Home For The Holidays

With the holidays coming, decorating your home is exciting and is a great way to spend time with your family ahead of the holidays. Bringing the feeling of the holidays into your home with a tree, lights, and other decorations can be a fun tradition. Still, it’s important to make sure everyone stays safe when decorating for the holidays. Here are a few tips for making sure no one gets injured and can enjoy the holidays together.   

Check the lights 

For both indoor and outdoor lights, it’s important that you check the light strands and wiring of your decorations. Take a look over the strands and check for any cracks or frayed wires. Additionally, you will want to make sure there is a bulb in every spot and that none of the bulbs are cracked. Doing this before you put any of them up – either outside or around your house – will ensure there aren’t any electrical issues and nothing is dangerous once it’s turned on.   

It’s also important to make sure you turn off the lights before you go to bed or are on an automatic timer so that they aren’t going all night and are a potential fire hazard.   

Be aware of outdoor hazards  

When putting up outdoor lights, you need to be aware of any hazards – like power lines – that could be hazardous to you. You will also want to make sure you avoid tangling the wires around the ladder or yourself when you’re putting them up, as you might trip over them or slip when trying to get down the ladder.  

Water the tree 

Many people love having a real tree: it makes your home smell fresh, and it just makes it feel that much more like Christmas in your house. Having a real tree has its benefits, but some maintenance comes with it. For example, real trees will dry out if you don’t keep enough water in the base for them, and when they dry out, they can become a severe fire hazard.   

If you have pets, it’s important to try and keep them away from the base and make sure they don’t drink the water meant for the tree to help prevent it from drying out. 

Clean the fireplace 

There is almost nothing cozier than curling up in front of the fireplace and reading a great book with the Christmas lights on. Before you use a wood-burning fireplace, though, you should make sure the chimney flue is open and has been inspected and cleaned before you use it. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure the pilot light is functioning correctly and has been well maintained so that it’s not dangerous to be used.   

By making sure you take the time to be safe when decorating, everyone can enjoy the holidays without injury.   

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