Snowmobile Insurance – The Basics Event

Snowmobile Insurance – The Basics

Having a snowmobile during the winter months means you have a great way of getting outside and enjoying the Canadian landscape. If you have a snowmobile, you will need to have insurance to protect yourself from damage and liability for accidents that could happen or injuries that could come from using it.  

Here’s what you need to know about snowmobile insurance.  

Public vs Private Land 

If you have enough privately owned land, then the laws for having a registration, insurance and a license don’t necessarily apply. However, if you want to operate your snowmobile on public trails you do need to make sure you have all the proper documentation and paperwork.  

Now if you are only operating on privately owned land, you don’t legally need to have insurance, but it is strongly encouraged that you still do have it in place. Having insurance will help protect you and anyone else who is riding with you during the season.  

How much does snowmobile insurance cost? 

The cost to insure your snowmobile will likely depend on the trim level and accessories you have on your snowmobile as well as the amount of coverage you wish to have.  

For most people, the annual policy coverage is anywhere from $200 - $300.  

What is covered with snowmobile insurance? 

For the most part, snowmobile insurance has three components to it for coverage: third party liability, comprehensive insurance and collision insurance.  

Similar to the way car insurance works, all policies will require a minimum of third party liability on their coverage. This coverage will protect you if the snowmobile causes any type of damage to another person or their property. If you are not storing your snowmobile on your own property during the off season, the third party liability will be especially important so that you are protected if anything happens during the off-season.  

Comprehensive coverage, this is protection for almost anything that is not a collision that could happen to your snowmobile. For example, if the snowmobile is stolen or vandalized then you’re covered for the damage.  

Now the collision insurance will cover your snowmobile if you happen to get into an accident while you’re using it. What is different about this insurance from car insurance is that for older models of snowmobiles, this type of coverage is usually not available but it is available for newer models of snowmobiles. Additionally, this type of coverage will likely be the biggest increase in premiums that owners see in their policies.  

For those who live in Northern Ontario, either full time or part-time, the winter is so much better when experienced on a snowmobile. Snowmobiles are a wonderful way to get around in the winter, and a fun way to enjoy the winter landscape of Northern Ontario. With the right licensing, insurance and registration you will be ready to enjoy your snowmobile this winter!  

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